Lianne La Havas- Is Your Love Big Enough

Hey everyone, Zip! here.

Out of a misplaced resolve to not linger upon any one category for too long, let’s move onto another favorite of mine- music!  While I usually listen to a blend of alternative rock, indie, metal, and pop, today I’m going to be reviewing a British folk singer that I heard about on NPR a few weeks ago, Lianne La Havas.  La Havas, 23, made her first impression on the music industry only as soon as October 2011, and while she didn’t win, she was nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2012.  She only has the one album out, Is Your Love Big Enough.

She’s pretty good, from my point of view.  She’s got a very simple and pure sound, mostly being her voice and nothing complicated on the guitar, but her voice is amazing, that girl can really sing.  It’s a light album, and reminds me of Jack Johnson, so if that’s your cup of tea, I’d recommend giving it a look.

Like Lianne La Havas?  Think I’m crazy?  Tell me so in the comments- I look forward to hearing from you guys!


-Edit: Sorry for the late post guys- I accidentally set this post to release tomorrow instead of today.  Enjoy!


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