Depoinia (Derp-onia?)

Hey everyone, Zip! here.

Before I get started, Far Cry 3 came out just a couple of days ago.  I haven’t picked it up yet, but DAMN that game looks amazing.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  If the trailer is any judge, that game is going to be intense!

So I picked up a game recently, in the post-thanksgiving steam sale, called Deponia, a point-and-click adventure from Daedalic Entertainment..  I noticed the trailer for the sequel on Steam’s highlights, actually, (Chaos on Deponia) ended up playing the first game’s demo, follow that link if you have Steam and about 45 minutes to spare.  Right after, I picked up the first installment for $10, and following some Arkham City play (just finished my first playthrough) I ran through the game in about 8 hours.


I really enjoyed this game- it had some fantastic elements to it.  The game has a solid sense of humor, and any game where I can fit multiple cats into my inventory gets a plus in my book.  The environment was really well set up, with an interesting world and an engaging plot.  Sure, every single character in the game was a raging asshole, but hey, you can’t make an omelet without making every single one of your players hate your characters, plus breaking two eggs.

There were some downsides, too- a lot of the puzzles were difficult, not because the puzzles behind them were particularly challenging, but because the solutions made no goddamned sense.  The mining puzzle I solved  by luck and happenstance, and I accidentally solved the mine cart maze while trying to figure out how all the various elements even related.  As a gamer, this is pretty frustrating- and it all comes down to the designers making assumptions about how the player views their environment and falling prey to some classic point-and-click adventure mistakes.  In example, in the mining puzzle I mentioned earlier, it was possible for the player to infer what the answer would be by hiding a vital clue in a piece of dialog earlier on in the game.  However, the dialog had three major issues- first, once the player had encountered the dialog once, it vanished forever.  Second, there was no real emphasis on the dialog having any sort of real importance- I only realized that what was said was important after I solved the puzzle.  Third, I ended up putting 2-3 hours of gameplay (over two separate sessions on two separate days) between this vital clue and my attempt to solve the puzzle.  Information was given to me too early on, when I had maybe ten other puzzles between me and my need to solve that particular puzzle.  The end result left me stuck and confused for almost an hour on a puzzle that could have taken less than five minutes if I happened to have eidetic memory.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing Deponia- but not $20 worth of fun, which is the asking price for the game.  I only paid $10 on steam sale, but even then, I’m not sure if I would pay that much having experienced the non-demo play.  However, if you are a point-and-click fan, I would definitely consider this game a $5 to $10 experience, and for those fans of the Curse of Monkey Island, this game is sure to pull some old heartstrings.

Zip! out.


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