The Webcomic Alphabet

Hey everyone-

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics.  Some may argue that I read too many webcomics, as I have almost 50 separate series that I read on a regular basis.  I have so many comics, one day, I sat down and asked myself, do I read a comic starting with every letter of the alphabet?  Thus, I started compiling a list, with the intentions to publish it as the Alphabet of Webcomics.  Now, as I have some letters that are under-saturated (such as I, K, U, and Y) and some letters that are severely over-saturated (S alone currently has 11 comics, and I’m not done compiling that letter), I decided that I will present this list, one letter at a time, until I’ve revealed one for every letter of the alphabet.

Some rules:

1) A comic is only eligible once, under the category of the first letter of it’s name.
2) Predicates are not a part of the name. (A, An, The)  The first letter of the first non-predicate word is what determines a comic’s category.
3) I judge by the absolute name, not by any abbreviations or common versions. (E.g. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is A, even though the comic is more commonly referred to as Dr. McNinja.)
4) All entries are judged on Art, Story, and Characters, each with equal weight.  These categories are not comparable from one comic to another, but are judged based on how the particular art/narrative/characters combine to evoke the webcomic’s experience.  This means that a comic like XKCD, a stick figure comic, will score better for art than most other stick figure comics, because XKCD manages to have a unique quality to their characters, and some of the stick-figure level drawings are quite impressive.
5) There is only one tie and I already know what it is.
6) The posts are not in order, but are determined randomly (except post #1)
7) Dead comics are ineligible.  Sorry, Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name fans, as HiNaBN stopped posting for no good reason in 2010, you are dead to me and dead to this list!  However, this is not to say that comics that end properly do not qualify.  Even if the ending is as abrupt as Rob and Elliot‘s, as odd as Scary-G0-Round‘s, or as brilliant as Seraph Inn’s The Pheonix Requiem, if it has an actual ending, it still qualifies.
That’ll be enough rules for now- I may introduce more later, but for now, let me follow up this post with the first of the competition, A.  Enjoy!


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