Webcomics Alphabet: A is for Abominable Charles Christopher vs. Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Hey everyone,

For the first round of this competition, I am judging the letter A!  If you didn’t read the rules, click here.  I will be randomly choosing when/what character I do the rest of these posts on, so be sure to send me links to your favorite comics!  I’ll include any comic of a reasonable quality in my judging, so keep them coming, I’ll read them all.

There are four comics up for consideration for the letter A:



Pokemon Trainer Evolution

  • Axe Cop by Ethan and Malachi Nicole


I really like that we’re starting off with the letter A, this really lets us start off with a pretty strong group, all four comics being done by very talented people with a reasonable level of competition.

There are two comics that really come up as odd men out, especially when compared to the other two, so let’s discuss and eliminate these first.

Awkward Zombie- 17/30

  • Story: 6/10
  • Art: 5/10
  • Characters: 6/10

AZ is an impressively funny Journal/Video Game comic.  It focuses on the life of the Author, Katie T, her boyfriend, and the video games she plays.  However, the art is pretty weak here, and there is a limited amount of creativity coming out of her characters (mainly being limited to either personal experience or pre-defined video game personalities.)  The comic has an outrageous sense of humor, though, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Axe Cop-     18/30

  • Story: 4/10
  • Art: 9/10
  • Characters:5/10


Ethan and Malachai Nicole. Just look at how cute Mal is! I’m sad that a 5 year old is a more accomplished webcomic author than I am 😉

Maybe I’m being a little too judgmental for a comic written by a 5 year old, but Axe Cop, while hilarious, doesn’t have good writing.  I won’t rag on the faults of this comic (see 5 year old author) and while Axe Cop is a brilliant idea in conception, it cannot be my favorite comic when competing with so many excellent choices.  My hat off to Ethan Nicole, though- stellar art, an excellent concept, and an amazing older brother.

Thus, the final two comics, The Abominable Charles Christopher and The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, go head to head.


Story: McNinja: 8/10    Charles Christopher: 7/10

So the victory here goes to Dr. McNinja by a hair.  While both works have excellent stories in their own rights, Dr. McNinja squeaks out just ahead of CC.  Both have steller storylines, with the only significant difference being in the tone.  Most of CC is somewhat dark, with occasional light-hearted moments from the animal life, and balances it very well, while Dr. McNinja focuses on humor and does it very, very well.  Directly comparing the two tones is pointless, like comparing apples and velociraptors, so I’m going with my gut, which one feels better done?  And here, I’m going with the good Dr. over CC.

Art: McNinja: 7/10     Charles Christopher: 8/10

Where McNinja has the edge on Charles Christopher in story, CC comes back with the art.  There’s no real denying that CC has some amazing art, a subtle blend of softened character features blended with a dark environment, successfully bringing out the lightness of the humorous aspects and the darkness of the more serious storyline.  While Dr. McNinja has great art, I wouldn’t put it at the same level as CC.

Characters: McNinja: 8/10     Charles Christopher 6/10

The characters of Dr. McNinja are reasonably strong.  There’s a fair amount of sterotyping and a handful of blank personality characters, but in a nonsensical setting, the characters are really fun to read and are interesting enough to me.  The characters in Charles Christopher are also vivid, brought out by the excellent art.  However, in CC, one real issue glares from the rest, in that the main character of CC is completely bland.  So, characters go to Dr. McNinja.

The overall score leaves us at Dr. McNinja: 23/30, Charles Christopher: 21/30.  So by a narrow 2 points, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja wins for the A’s!


If he wasn’t dead enough before, he sure is now!

That’s all for now.  Peace!



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