Back On Track

Late post?  What do you mean late post?  Sure, my last post was made back on Dec. 19, but that’s no reason to assume that this one is late!  It’s arriving exactly when it wanted to.

So, this has been a bit of an embarrassment for me.  I had intended to maintain my 3 posts per week schedule over Christmas and New Years, but given the immense amount of traveling I’ve put in during the last week or so (Travel time of 32 hours, not counting any local driving.  I hold no desire to be in my car again.) I fell irreparably behind.  However, this being a new day, I’m determined to press forward with my blog and resume a normal posting schedule.  I still owe you guys a good Far Cry 3 review too, although now that review is going to be… somewhat late.  Which, of course, explains why I’m not going to be talking about it for another post or two!

Unfortunately for me, my dear readers, I have no time yet for continuing this post.  However, you may expect to hear from me, this Friday, with a full topic.

Sincerely, Zip!




About Zip!

Gamer, Audiophile, Author and more
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