Preview: Saints Row III

Sometimes I like to try to play the game where I guess at which webcomics are hosted by which server, without, you know, just looking that information up.  Yesterday, I discovered that Least I Could Do, Something Positive, and Girls With Slingshots all run on the same server!  Because they all went down.  😥

And, in other news, Zip! here.  How’s everyone doing today?

I just wanted to say thank you to the small group of people who have started to regularly read this blog!  There may not be many of you guys yet, but I am thankful for each and every one of you, so thank you guys for coming, and I hope to keep churning out material that you guys like.

So I cracked open a Steam sale purchase today: Saint’s Row III.  Having never played a Saint’s Row game, I had been expecting a somber, GTA style game about some kind of gang thing.  I was looking for a quick playthrough of something simple and something somber, something to break me of my Arkham Asylum “Must 100% everything” mode.  Seriously, there are too many goddamned Riddler trophies.  Anyways, I was not prepared for this:

A bank robbery done in masks of one of your own faces… it’s so overt it’s covert! amirite

or this:

And then when I visited the Genki Bowl, I faced down a horde of dildo-wielding furries and bar-style mascots, which I mercilessly gunned down, stole one of their dildos, and phallically suppressed the remainder.  This is when I saved my game, quit, and sat around, wondering if I was ever going to play the game again.

It’s not that I don’t like it- the game’s remarkable sense of humor just caught me off guard.  This wasn’t the experience I was looking for and I plunged into it, head first, and ultimately was caught completely unawares.  It’s my fault- I hadn’t read up on the game, I just picked it up because I heard that it was fun and one of my friends had logged something like 50 hours into it.  I’ll probably wrap this game up sometime before March, when I want to get another playthrough of Bioshock 2 prior to the release of Infinite, so I’ll let you know more, then.

Anywho, that’s all I got for today, sorry for the lame post.

-Zip! out


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