Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Hey everyone-

Some of you may have noticed that Friday had no blog post: This is because I had written up a beautiful post on the recent album Coexist by The xx, finished up writing all the details, selected “publish”, whereupon WordPress crashed and my blog post was scattered to the winds.  Disheartened, I chose to forgo rewriting my wonderful post in favor of sulking and Batman: Arkham City.

In other news: I have forgotten to bring my headphones to work.  Again.

In other other news: I saw Warm Bodies this weekend, starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malcovitch, and Rob Corddry, and which came out only last Friday.

Warm Bodies is a bit… different than most of the zombie films on the market.  There have been few romances in the world of zombie films, and fewer yet that star a romance between a human and a zombie.  Warm Bodies is a thinly veiled retelling and modernizing of the classic romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet.  Only, instead of a feud between two rival families, it’s more of a war between the living and the dead.  Join Julie, a human trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, and R, a zombie, as they develop an awkward and humorous relationship rival only to my teenage years.

So: there’s a lot to like about Warm Bodies- a lot of really clever elements came together to make a movie that’s funny, entertaining, and ultimately somewhat romantic.  I really loved how they gave an explanation for the zombie’s motivations in the apocalypse- even down to why they eat the brains- and really set up a cute, if not very believable, scenario for R and Julie to play out their situation.  I was a really huge fan of how well the original play fit together with the events of the movie.  I’d go into examples, but… I’ve already planned out the one spoiler I want to talk about, and it’s not this one.

There was really only one section of the movie that I found to be, ultimately, disappointing, or at least lackluster.  If you’re not a fan of spoilers, stop reading now.  In a nutshell, Romeo and Juliet is a romantic tragedy.  They build up a huge romance, straining relations between their two houses to the brink of explosion, then, in youthful naivety, they end up dying while trying to escape the expectations of their families and the pressures of the feud between them.  This death is recognized by both sides as being the result of the feud, and ultimately peace is brought to both sides as a result of their death.  So, being based on a tragedy, one would expect *some* kind of sad moment somewhere in the movie.  However, Warm Bodies is strictly a happy-go-lucky film, where, aside from the first fifteen minutes or so, (oh, and the whole apocalypse,) nothing bad ever happens.  Ever.  It’s a cute romance, but it’s not a romantic tragedy.  Not that that’s bad, necessarily, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an alternate ending where everyone dies or something.  In my book, Warm Bodies is a solid 7.5/10.

One last thought before I wrap up here.  So as early as last week, there didn’t look to be anything great in the making coming out.  I was honestly expecting to wait until July 3rd with Despicable Me 2 coming out and from then sit on my butt and wait for something good to come out.  Now, one good round of previews later, and here’s what we’re looking forward to (in chronological order):

Bruce Willis Is Still Acting, AKA Die Hard: The Die Hardeningest on February 14th.
Iron Man 3 on May 3rd
Gatsby on May 10th
Star Trek Into Darkness (starring the effervescent Benedict Cumberbatch) on May 17th
Now You See Me on June 7th
Monsters University on June 13th (Which has the Best Promotional Site I’ve Ever Seen)
World War Z on June 21st
Kick-Ass 2 on June 28th

and all of these movies come out BEFORE Despicable Me 2!  Damn it I’m going to go broke.

And here we are, our moment’s at end:

-Zip! out


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