Website Review: Monsters University

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

A note of interest before I continue with today’s post.  Some of you may remember that the XX review I was going to do a couple of weeks ago before my work tragically disappeared (Thank you, wordpress! >:(.  )  Anywho, I’ve been working at re-writing that review and it *should* be up next week.  Looking forward to it!

Moving on, let’s talk about today’s review.  I’m pretty excited for Monsters University.  I’ve pretty much always been a Billy Crystal fan, so when I saw Monsters Inc. and recognized his voice as Mike, I was thrilled!  Since then, Monsters Inc. has been one of my all-time favorite animated movies.  Naturally, I’m also pretty excited about the prequel coming out, but what’s really got me interested is the Monsters University webpage that came out.


Since Monsters University is supposed to follow the two main characters from Monsters Inc., being James Sullivan (John Goodman), and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) as they go through the monster version of college.  As a brilliant promotion, the folks at Disney/Pixar got a few of their coding monkeys to whip up a college webpage for the movie- and the sad thing is, the page is significantly better than maybe 90% of actual college webpages.  My favorite example, Brown University, looks like it’s been updated since the last time I checked it out, but it used to be one of the most eye-wrenchingly bad websites I had ever seen.  Monsters University’s page, however, is clean, crisp, and packed with information!  The website has a beautiful layout, and gives a lot of depth into the world of Monsters University.


I’d highly recommend checking the page out- there’s a lot of depth in here that’s phenomenal.  You can look up featured student stories, maps of the campus, and even access a goofy online store (which links to Disney’s store, where you can buy the real products!)  I’m seriously tempted to pick up an MU shirt and wear it to the opening night.  One feature I’d like to focus on, however, is Monsters University MU.Net page.  MU.Net is a student login kind of deal, where they look at specific student-related information.  I imagine this to be grades, classes, and the like.  I really would love it if somebody cracked into this!   I’ve been casually trying but I haven’t made any focused attempt at getting in.  If anybody out there knows how to crack MU.Net, let me know!


-Zip! out.

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