Singles Week- Atlas Genius If So

Afternoon folks!  How’s the world doing today?

Does anybody else think that Taylor Swift is ridiculous?  When she looked at her EP list for her new album Red, she had to have had the lyrics “I knew you were trouble when you walked in… so shame on me now,” because there was no way she didn’t know exactly what she was sticking her nose into.   As everyone is aware, Taylor released more or less an entire album of breakup songs, with many not-so-subtle hints about who each song was about.  Seriously, this girl must date more men in a year than the number of women I’ve dated in my entire life in order to generate this many break up songs.  Then, she gets offended when everyone starts backing away from her dating scheme!  Listen, Taylor: As a celebrity, your life is generally considered to be open to the public.  People want to know what you’re doing, who you’re dating, how you are.  However, it’s one thing for people to know that you’ve been in a handful of relationships, and it’s another to write an entire album about them.  It turns the situation from just being a girl has either been in poor matchups or has bad luck into a girl who broadcasts to the world whether or not a dater is a good matchup or not.  It changes the appearance from a naive girl who falls in love too easily into a girl who sabotages her relationships by  forcing herself to fall in love too quickly.  We don’t sympathize with the girl who sets herself up for failure.  I suppose the only real issue I take with this scenario is how Taylor puts up a huge fuss over not being a “man-hunter”- you set yourself up for this image, now live with it.

Back on topic, today’s single is about the Atlas Genius new single If So.

More people are familiar with their “Trojans” song, but that’s really only getting a good spotlight a year after it was released.  While I really enjoy If So, I don’t think that it’ll ever get the spotlight in the same way that Trojans did, just because it’s way more indie than Trojans was.  Well, here’s hoping anyways.

See you guys tomorrow!

-Zip! out.


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