Double Dose of Singles Week- Girl on Fire/San Francisco Finale

Hey guys,

Missed a post yesterday due to a last-second change to the singles week lineup.  My hat  and my heart goes out to an IHeartRadio station that introduced me to one of my new favorite songs on Wednesday afternoon- best part, it’s a single, so I have an excuse to talk about it!  This last week has been really popular, so to all my readers, thanks for the support!  I’ll be continuing to do features like these on specific songs that I enjoy, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the double-dose of Singles for today.

First up, we have Alicia Keys-Girl on Fire

I like to start things off being positive; Alicia Keys is a phenomenal singer.  A choir of angels would have her miraculous voice, and Girl on Fire is an amazing highlight of her talent.

Now, to move onto my opinion of the song- this song is pop-trash.  Girl on Fire is some of the worst song-writing I’ve ever listened to.  It makes Alicia Keys look vain and self-inflating, and it’s painful to listen to.  The score is pretty good, especially with the aforementioned vocal abilities, but this song should have stayed on the writing board.  What I see is this: Alicia Keys had not made any new material for a while.  She took a break to a) get married, and b) have a child, which, let me say, all props to the girl for taking the time to focus on her priorities before continuing her career.  Before now, her last album came out in Dec 2009 and for the most part there hasn’t been anything of note since, and as such, her material coming out now is “comeback” material.  She was looking for something big, something splashy, and must have looked at Girl on Fire, and said, “This is a song that highlights a) my vocal talent, b) my independence, and c) the fact that I’m making a comeback.  Perfect!”  But honestly, the song doesn’t cast her in a favorable light in my eyes, and makes her look very self-centered.

However, I have an observation that may redeem Girl on Fire.  What if, instead of being a self-promotional song about being on a roll, on having lots of talent and living in the spotlight, what if it’s a literal song?  What if the song is literally about a girl who, for some reason, has combusted, and Alicia Keys is singing about it?  I can see the music video now- a girl spontaneously combusts in the middle of the street, and instead of doing a damn thing to help her, Alicia Keys just stands there and sings the blindingly obvious.  Not only is she not helping, she’s actually getting in the way of the folks trying to help her.  I can see her in my mind, gesturing to the immolating girl, being all, “This girl is on fire!”  Not a single damn was given by her that day, but she’s more than happy to sing about it.

Moving on to single number 2 for today.  If you had asked me on Monday what single I was going to run for today, I would have told you Pheonix-Entertainment.  However, driving home from work on Wednesday afternoon, I heard a song that would change my entire week.  Forever.  😛

I’m talking about a new number by a new Indie/Pop group, the song San Francisco by the Mowgli’s. Do you feel the love? I feel the love.  C’mon, c’mon, let’s start it up!  Let it pour out of your sooooouuuuuuuul!

This is by far my favorite song that I’ve shown you guys this week.  I’ve listened to it maybe 30 times since I first heard it, and it fills my core with happiness and peace every single damned time.  Listen to it, love it, and let the strength of the song, as well as the great music video, speak for itself.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  You stay classy, internet!

-Zip! out.


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