Game Review: Tomb Raider

G’day everyone, Zip! here.

So I picked up Tomb Raider last week, and now I review the bejeebus out of it.  First off: a couple of ideas for the tagline.  1) Tomb Raider: This Time With Quicktime Events.  2) Tomb Raider: Not Afraid To Kill You Violently.  3) Tomb Raider: Tits Or GTFO.  Comment with your thoughts!

So, let me start things off by saying: there’s still a lot of this game left for me to play.  I’m about 40% of the way through the game, and while I’m enjoying myself, I’m also somewhat frustrated with the difficulty curve of the game.  The game comes with three difficulty levels, and I picked normal, to get a feel for the game.  However, I’m pretty close to restarting the game on hard, because normal is being pathetically easy.  The amount of ammo in the world is beyond bountiful; I can hardly take ten steps without running into another full box of ammunition.   This also doesn’t help the difficulty curve when it comes to enemies: while I get that the idea is to show that it’s easier to kill men than we think, I shouldn’t be able to take on 4-5 fully grown, combat trained men in mano-a-mano combat.  I should probably a) be as vulnerable (if not more so) to damage than my enemies, b) non-headshots should count for less, c) I should be forced to use non-lethal, sneaky tactics.  Instead, I am a) The skinniest girl-tank anyone has ever known, b) able to kill any enemy in 1-2 arrows, and c) prime strategy is the Zerg rush.  The game has a lot of potential to be a survival-horror game, but instead, I’m getting Far Cry 3 but less fun.  I wonder what easy mode is like- Laura lands safely on a nice island, where the locals point out all of the local secrets and throw in a batch of freshly baked cookies, and she’s free to leave the island at any time she feels like it.

Lara takes more punishment at the hands of Crystal Dynamics in a single day than most human beings handle over a lifetime

That being said, I’m still having a lot of fun with Tomb Raider.  The developers are not afraid to beat the ever-loving shit out of Laura in order to entertain us.  Within the first minute or two of the game, Laura is battered, bruised, scraped, and slightly impaled.  For most folks, I would be impressed if your average grizzly bear was still up-and-about after that, but Laura manages to keep on trucking in a fear-and-adrenaline induced panic.  The game is really cinematic, and the quicktime events are fairly well planned, and can end up being really interactive.  Well, more interactive than “Press X to Not Die.” Marginally.  They’re definitely not afraid to let Laura get gruesomely killed either- like in this clip here.

Ouch, right?  Overall, the game is incredibly intense, and, even if the difficulty setting needs a kick in the teeth, I’m still having a lot of fun with the mechanics.  I really hope that the game picks up in the upcoming parts of the game, but overall, I’m enjoying myself, and that’s what’s important.  If you played Far Cry 3, and liked it, or if you’re a fan of fancy graphics and you’re not squeemish, I’d recommend Tomb Raider.

Concept art!

That’s all I’ve got for today, see you next week!

-Zip! out.

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