Blah Week

Hey everybody-

This last week was a bit of a blah week- I got really sick on Saturday, and have been ever since, went to PAX in spite of it Sunday, had my birthday on Wednesday, and was completely burnt on Thursday.  I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, but I’ll be working on some blog posts.  A quick preview of next weeks posts- PAX East (Sunday) review, Phoenix’s Entertainment, and Bioshock Infinite review.

In the meantime, I present: The Bravest Warriors!  The best thing since Adventure Time (Since it is Adventure Time.  IN SPAAAACE).

Have a good weekend everybody- if you need me, I’ll be taking my TIIIIME NAP.  If something goes wrong, throw a blanket over it, unless I’m hecka-dead.

-Zip! out.


About Zip!

Gamer, Audiophile, Author and more
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