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Hey all, long time no see.

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, sorry for the spotty posting this last month.  My schedule’s been changing a fair amount, and between being sick and a few other personal issues, I’ve been pushing this blog to the bottom of the stack.  I’m hoping to get back to the point where I can post freely whenever I want/need to, but I ask for your understanding while I get my life sorted.

Some points of interest before continuing- my Bioshock Infinite playthrough is wrapping up, so you’ll be hearing from me on that topic soon enough!  In other news, I’m expanding the games I review to board games!  I tend to mostly play competitive economy games (Settlers of Catan), but I’m always up for new games.  I’m planning on making a post this weekend to make up for Monday’s missing post (If it doesn’t show, see previous paragraph!) and I’ll be focusing on a board game I tried out last weekend at an event the comic shop I live near hosted called Zombicide!  I also have two other games I hope to review in the next two or three months, the Discworld board game and Smallworld.

I digress!  Today’s post is for Pheonix- Entertainment.  This was a single that I wanted to include in Singles week, but when I heard the Mowgli’s- San Francisco, I dropped Entertainment in favor of San Francisco.

So the song is pretty catchy, all things considered.  I’m not quite able to fully hear the lyrics with the whole auto-tuney falsetto thing they’ve got going, but I still like it, and I’m more than capable of humming along.  The music video is really confusing though.  I haven’t figured out entirely which story is which, and it comes of being disjointed and kind of confusing.  Who knows what happened in that video- all I could tell you is ROCK STAR SAMURAI MARTIAL ARTS FIGHT KNIFE TO THE BACK MAKEOUTS.

That’s all for today!

-Zip! out.


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