The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather/Sara Bareilles – Brave

Hey all,

Figured I would start off this beautiful Monday morning with some good music- Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood.

I would like to mention that I am annoyed that it is the NeighbOUrhood, and not just the Neighborhood.  Spell check’s having a riot.

At any rate, the song is pretty good- the wordplay is fairly concise, if a little simplistic, and I really groove the mood that they’re building with the laid back tone of their music.  I’d recommend not watching the music video- I’ll be frank, my opinion of the band dropped after seeing what artistic bullshit they tried to pull in this video.  In a summary, Dear Black and White filter, please marry the entire band.  My love for you is as legitimate as my love of Instagram.  Please accept this series of random images.  Love, NBHD.

PS Now you’re upside down.

If you ignore the video, however, the whole thing is quite enjoyable.  While I recommend checking it out, I wouldn’t recommend dropping any money on this one. :/  Sorry NBHD, just try harder next time.  Or less hard.  Or lose the whole superartistic aspect of it.  You know, just… just stop… whatever caused your video.

In a rare fit of productivity, here is a second review of Sara Bareilles new song Brave.  I’ve been a fan of Sara Bareilles since Love Song, and I loved King of Anything, so when I heard Sara Bareilles had a new song coming out, I couldn’t resist.

So Sara does a lot of goofy music videos.  She’s got a dance video that portrays her as a crazy girl dancing to the music in her head in her video Gonna Get Over You, the whole miniature pianist in Love Song, and she’s got a really beautiful performance video in Gravity.  So, seeing the video for Brave, I’m not really that surprised to see a bunch of people awkwardly dancing in public.  My favorites are the the fat black man and the guy with the beard- all of them are reasonably good at dancing and incredibly awkward the entire time, but those two are the goofiest.

Overall, Brave has a good intention.  It’s a good song topic, but ultimately suffers from a couple of oddities that prevents me from really enjoying it.  I mean, ultimately, Sara’s voice alone makes me able to easily and happily listen to this song.  She’s a phenomenal performer, and I truly enjoy her music.  That said, this song is not one of her better performances.   The lyrics, in comparison with her other works, just doesn’t hold up.  I don’t like the refrain, I don’t like a lot of the general lyrics, and the music was a little too pop for me to really get into it.

That’s it from me.

Zip! out.

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1 Response to The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather/Sara Bareilles – Brave

  1. jenn says:

    The Neighborhood is going to go so far. Absolutely loving their album I Love You. and their new video for “Afraid”

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