Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Heist Album / John Newman – Love Me Again

Hey everybody, long time no see.

Sorry for not posting for a while- still need to work on regular posting, but anyone who checks out this blog already knows that!  Whoops.

At any rate, I’ve got a double-whammy this week to make up for my time away.  For a start, let’s talk about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s album.  When I first heard about Heist, it was through their big hit, “Thrift Shop.”  Now, I’ll be quite frank, I judged Macklemore pretty hard, without giving him any chance.  Thrift Shop, on its own, is not really my genre.  While I like rap, I’ve found that I tend not to like almost anything that plays on the radio, because popular rap is generally pretty shallow and awful.  I turn to a rap station and all I can hear is “Fuck your Bitch” from the movie Get Him to the Greek- a horrendous combination of swearing, drugs, and vulgarity combined with repetitive, autotuned, computerized “music”, designed by people with low IQs for people with low IQs.  That’s not to say that all rap is unintelligent- far from it, I believe that there are rappers who are more clever and witty than some NYT bestselling authors.  However, these people tend to not be the popular rappers, so the radio plays garbage and I back off the genre.  However, a few weeks ago, my boss bought Heist, and, combined with a couple of weeks of enjoyment when I hear him walking around humming Thrift Shop off tune and off beat, I had access to the album.  For a lark, I checked it out, and I found myself surprised- Heist is actually quite a compelling and intelligent album.  In addition to being incredibly witty, Macklemore raps about discrimination, poverty, dealing with alcoholism, a host of modern issues that deserve attention.  Macklemore is actually inspirational- and all I had seen of him is that goofy getup he’s got for the Thrift Shop music video!  If you haven’t checked out Heist yet, I recommend looking at three songs in particular- Jimmy Iovine, Wing$, and my favorite song from the album, Same Love.  I’ve even started to like Thrift Shop– it’s not as dull as I had thought it would be, and is fairly witty and funny, a good addition to the album to lighten up some of the heavier topics.  Check out the music video- it’s brilliant and hilarious.

Next up is John Newman.  John Newman, as of right now, is virtually nobody in the music scene.  He’s been featured in a couple of albums, but doesn’t have an illustrious career- yet.  I’ve only heard one of his songs, his debut single, and I’m not going to lie, I heard it for the first time on Tuesday afternoon and owned the song by noon Wednesday.  Love Me Again is a really catchy and really good song, so check out this video, and try to tell me you don’t love it!  Watch for that surprise twist at the end- every time I’ve shown this video to a friend, their jaw drops.


That’s all I got for today- It’s been good to see everybody again.


-Zip! out.

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