Preview- Murdered: Soul Suspect

Hey all,

Anybody here a fan of Hard Rain?  I didn’t get to play much of it (No PS3), but I loved the little of it I did play.  Well, good news abound, here comes another game to fit next to Hard Rain in your collection like peas in a pod.  I give you: Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Warning: If you don’t like gameplay spoilers, I wouldn’t watch much past 2:20; this is a gameplay demo after all.

For some reason news of this game seems to be a little slow- I mean, the teaser was out in February, and even though I don’t hold my ear as close to the ground as I used to, news for this game has been a bit sparse- there’s been no official announcement yet, and none of my friends in the industry have been talking about it.  I only happened on it by chance, a post on the wall of one of my Facebook friends, and whoah- that video is magnificent.

Recently, I’ve been in a good mood for mysteries, so getting a preview of Murdered is like showing a juicy steak to a starving man.  My mouth is watering, my stomach is growling, and all I want to do is game.

Anywho, hats off to Airtight Games for developing and Square Enix for publishing- your teaser looks airTIGHT if you know what I mean, and I can’t wait to grab this game, turn it on at midnight- then turn out the lights.

That’s all for now!

-Zip! out.

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