Webcomics Alphabet

Welcome to the Webcomics Alphabet!

Here are the rules for a Webcomic Alphabet entry.

1. A comic is only eligible once, under the category of the first letter of it’s name.
2. Predicates are not a part of the name.
3. A comic’s letter is determined by the absolute name, not by any abbreviations or common versions.
4. All entries are judged on Art, Story, and Characters, each with equal weight.  These categories are not comparable from one comic to another, but are judged based on how the particular art/narrative/characters combine to evoke the webcomic’s experience.
5. There is only one tie and I already know what it is.
6. The posts are not in order, but are determined randomly (except post #1)
7. Dead comics are ineligible.

The Winners Thus Far:
A: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
B: ???
C: ???
D: ???
E: ???
F: ???
H: ???
I: ???
J: JL8
K: ???
L: ???
M: ???
N: ???
O: ???
P: ???
Q: ???
R: ???
S: ???
T: ???
U: ???
V: ???
W: ???
X: ???
Y: ???
Z: ???

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