The 50 Hour Week: A Parable of Why God Why

Hey everyone,

So far, not so good.  Just after my last post came THE WEEK FROM HELL.  I ended up needing to get some code ready for production on short notice, pulled a 52.5 hour week of unpaid OT (not counting my commute) and virtually died for a while, so long story short waaay behind on my new posting schedule.  I’m taking a light week this week (only putting in 30 hours- I really need some more recovery time.) so hopefully I’ll be able to put in some more hours into the blog.

That being said, I also just bought my first DS and a copy of Pokemon Y.  I *may* be busy. 😉

At any rate, let’s go over my new year’s resolutions.

1. weight loss: Clocked in at 218.  Woof.  Not used to being in the Heavy Weight wrestling class.  Got to lose weight…

Here’s the plan.

First, weigh myself daily.  Be aware of the fact that I’m a fatass and need to stick to it.

Second, going to start giving up some of my less healthy habits. First to get the axe is soda- I’ve already been consuming less and less but now soda is going to be gone.  I’m going to stick with this for a week or two and then add another thing to remove.  I’m also going to buy some seltzer as a soda placebo if necessary- it’ll taste like crap, but if I mix it with some juice, homemade, healthy soda.  Rock on.

Third is going to be to increase my workout schedule by 1 day a week.  As I’ll discuss in part 2, I’ve been going rock climbing, and I’m going to start supplementing my climbing with a little bit of lifting and a light jog.  I’m already paying for gym membership and they have the machinery, so why not?

2. Rock Climbing- so far, so good.  I’m really loving climbing, and even when I’m having off days (such as this last week- exhaustion takes a lot out of my climbing ability) I can still feel myself getting a workout.  I still feel sore the next day, and I  can tell it’s making a difference.  Keep going!

3. Keeping it Clean- Complete and total failure, thus far.  I’m living out of my laundry basket, and since I only have the one, all my dirty clothes are on the floor.  Got to put away the laundry!

4. Nails- I’ve been four days with no bites at all and I’ve only had one bad day where I bit of more than a nibble.  My fingers are already looking healthier and while I keep finding my fingers in my mouth, I’m being able to resist biting down.  I’ll take what I can get, but it’s already a good start.  This isn’t the first time I’ve given up nail biting and cold turkey worked the last time and thus far it’s been working again too.

5. Juicing- Need to look up recepies or something.  Kind of just doing vegetable hodge-podge which I’m sure is healthy as all get out but at the same time I could be drinking so much tastier beverages.  Also; sink’s really dirty and I keep not wanting to juice if I can’t wash things right afterwards.  Not me this time, it’s one of the roomies.

6. Drink More Water- Another complete and total failure.  Averaging less than 1000 mgs per day (not counting juicing liquids.)  I’m probably (definitely) dehydrated.

7. Drums- … I actually forgot about this.  Crap.

8. Blog- I HAD A GOOD EXCUSE THIS TIME I SWEAR GAWD.  This Friday is a review day for the book Lowtown (AKA The Straight Razor Cure for the UK).  Next Monday is going to be my story time, and I’m re-writing my NaNoWriMo first chapter for it.  Can’t wait to show you guys!

That’s all I got for today.  2 successes, 1 doing fine, 1 neutral (Weight Loss), and 4 failures.  Didn’t expect to come out of the gate full gear, and there’s plenty of year left.  Hoping to put some good work in this week, narrow this down to 2 failures 😉

-Zip! out

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