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Blah Week

Hey everybody- This last week was a bit of a blah week- I got really sick on Saturday, and have been ever since, went to PAX in spite of it Sunday, had my birthday on Wednesday, and was completely burnt … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

Hello everyone, happy Friday! Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went out to the movies, and, barring anything of (vague) quality, we popped into Oz the Great and Powerful to see whether or not it was any good. We went … Continue reading

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Game Review: Tomb Raider

G’day everyone, Zip! here. So I picked up Tomb Raider last week, and now I review the bejeebus out of it.  First off: a couple of ideas for the tagline.  1) Tomb Raider: This Time With Quicktime Events.  2) Tomb … Continue reading

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Double Dose of Singles Week- Girl on Fire/San Francisco Finale

Hey guys, Missed a post yesterday due to a last-second change to the singles week lineup.  My hat  and my heart goes out to an IHeartRadio station that introduced me to one of my new favorite songs on Wednesday afternoon- … Continue reading

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Singles Week- Atlas Genius If So

Afternoon folks!  How’s the world doing today? Does anybody else think that Taylor Swift is ridiculous?  When she looked at her EP list for her new album Red, she had to have had the lyrics “I knew you were trouble … Continue reading

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Singles Selection- Because We Can (Bon Jovi)

I’M UNIQUE AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME I’M NOT BECAUSE I’M VERY UNIQUE. Hey everyone, Zip! here. For day 2 of my singles week, we’re going to look at Bon Jovi’s recent hit, Because We Can.  Can I get a … Continue reading

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Zip’s Single Selection: March 2013

Hey guys, long time, no posts!  I’d say my bad, but at this point, in a year or so from now, I’ll start secretly updating all of my old posts and removing all evidence that I was ever late for … Continue reading

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Deadline Crunch

Hey guys, I’ve got a deadline due today, and for the last two nights, instead of blogging, I’ve been working on this stuff!  Sorry to disappoint, but the review will come either tonight/tomorrow morning. The topic for today’s review will … Continue reading

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