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Dishonored Review

Hello hello! This has actually been a good time to start up a blog about games.  I find that every couple of years or so every game that I have ever wanted all of a sudden hits the market, leaving … Continue reading

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The Death of a Giant

Hey all, Zip! here. It’s my first review!  I’m excited, are you?  Today, we’ll  be looking at one of my favorite categories- webcomics.  I love webcomics.  There’s just something about the medium that really attracts me.  While it’s a medium … Continue reading

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Welcome to the blog (that nobody read).

I swear that this blog is not going to be a wishy-washy compilation of complaints and misgivings about my life, but I need to get a little bit of something off of my chest.  This is hard for me to … Continue reading

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